The Workshop Was Awesome!

My students are cooler than 99.9% of people on the planet. Most of them gave up their spring break to work hard and draw comics.

Don’t feel bad, they’re cooler than I am as well.

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One Response to The Workshop Was Awesome!


    TO: MADALINA KELNER…From Judy B…So great to see you continue to draw and create! You’ve expanded your creations to include Mermen now too! Nice lines, curves, shadowing, and expanding on real and imagination shapes of their bodies! I’d LOVE to get a copy of your book and see your work…and the work of the other young artists! I encourage you 110%, Madalina! Being an artist takes time and drawing what’s on your mind, in your mind, and all around you! “You Go Girl!” Love, “Auntie” Judy 3/28/2011

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